February 2012

IN-NW 2012 Seattle: Sir Mix-a-Lot on Social Media in Music Panel

I didn't get to hear his music:(

I saw Sir Mix-a-Lot speak last week about using social media to promote music at IN-NW 2012 which was put on the Seattle Chamber of Commerce and took place at the Showbox in SoDo. There were quite a few speakers at the social media conference, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t partially choose to attend the conference because of Sir Mix-a-Lot who hasn’t exactly figured largely on my radar screen.

Who wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see him? (I should mention that because the Showbox is more known as a music venue, I was half-expecting Sir Mix-a-Lot to perform.) I might not have been the only one there for Sir Mix-a-Lot. The Rolling Stone blog also covered the event and his appearance in particular.

Beware of Ice!

The climate in the Seattle area tends to be temperate. We don’t typically experience huge variations in temperature, such as huge snow storms or extremely hot temperatures. It happens from time to time but isn’t the norm. So when it does happen, things can get really bad. This past month, we had an epic snow and ice storm here in the Seattle area that led to massive power outages and a situation in which troops from the Natural Guard were sent in and Christine Gregoire declared a state of emergency. Be prepared for inclement weather here in Seattle!