January 2011

The Newcomer's Guide to Seattle: Rain

Though it's never really interesting to talk about the weather, people can't help themselves in that regard when Seattle is part of the conversation. It's a city famous for its rain, even though there are plenty of places around the United States that get a higher average volume of annual rainfall (New York and Atlanta are considerably soggier cities), more overall days of rain and considerably more storm-related damage than Seattle ever does. The particulars of rain in those actually rainy-er places don't seem to matter, though. A reputation is a hard thing to shake. So, despite the factual inaccuracy of Seattle's weather infamy, there are still some things visitors and new residents to the city should know about it.

The Newcomer's Guide to Seattle: Hills

Seattle, like Rome, is a city built on seven hills. A little terraforming and the nature of naming conventions have obscured this fact, but folks who travel from elsewhere to make their home here soon discover the prevalence of inclines regardless of their actual number. Though Seattle is famous for, among other things, coffee and rain, if you're new to town or planning on relocating to this city, your first and most important lesson will be about hills.

Seattle: A City for Dabblers

I love this city. It feels more like home to me than the Midwestern town where I spent the first 2+ decades of my life and there's actually nothing unnatural about that. I firmly believe the thing that makes Seattle great is its ability to synergize the many and varied elements of the country beyond its borders. Just like New York City is America's best attempt to make a global tapestry within itself, Seattle is a place born and continually developed by the best parts of America itself. That's what attracts so many transplants to the city. It's less a metropolis of unique flavors and more a confluence of good ideas from elsewhere.

Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Bound?

Thoughts on the Seahawks Win. (As if I would have live-blogged it.)

A little background on me: Seahawks fan whole life, a little out of the loop this year because  I don’t have cable TV. Miss the old Seahawks days of “Ground” Chuck Knox and his team. I believe in the power of a successful team to change a city.