November 2010

Seattleite Snobbery: Not Just Limited to Coffee

I don’t know if other people in the US realize it, but Seattleites are kind of stuck up. No, we’re not unfriendly—we’ll definitely chat with a stranger at a local tavern, we always tip well, and will never refuse a checker’s wish for a friendly conversation.  But, we will make fun of someone’s music taste if it doesn’t meet our standards, we’ll pretend that we never read a bad book in our entire lives, and we will mock the poor souls from other cities for drinking shit coffee every day.


Snow-fun activities

Now that snow has come early this winter season, why not have a bit of fun in the snow? With Thanksgiving almost here, this brings a snow-white holiday for many people who enjoy the snowy weather. Do you have a favorite memory of fun in the snow? What was it? Did you enjoy it?

I will point out my top 3 favorite snow-fun outdoor activities during this cold, winter season.

Halloween Night in Seattle: The Adventure Continues

Finally the line moves for the bar we’re waiting to get into. We’re ushered to the door, where the bouncer quickly glances at our I.D.’s. He glares at us with harsh looking eyes. I catch a glimpse of the grill he’s wearing. I avert his gaze and quickly scoot inside before he changes his mind about letting me in. His eyes follow me. When I walk in, the door closes. I take a deep breath. Now, suddenly it’s incredibly warm. I casually slide off my jacket, revealing my full costume.

Halloween Night in Seattle: The Adventure Begins

 The rain pours mercilessly from the sky. I shield my face with the hood of my jacket. This is not part of my costume, but a definite necessity on Halloween night in Seattle. Cookie monster passes on my right, holding hands with what has to be the largest cookie I have ever seen. A smiling human face pops out from the center, grinning directly at me.

Girls (and guys) in short skirts flit about from posse to posse. Kissing cheeks and joking with friends. The city is alive tonight. Hundreds of people are pounding the sidewalks, there’s an incessant sound of costume heels clip clopping on the cobblestone streets. Smoke emanates from the ground, mixing with the cold night air. Taxis linger and park where they shouldn’t, in hopes of whisking off drunk party folk home.