The Fake Husky Alum

The Fake Husky Alum

Go Cougs!

Every time there’s an Apple Cup, I cheer for my alma mater, WAZZU. I try to ignore the U-Dub grads—especially the ones who like to sit in the dawg pound and bark loudly. Once in a while, I remind all of the Husky fans I know about UW's past and the curious incident of the naked guys with the sheep.

 “The fraternity president was summoned and first told police that the fraternity had no sheep, but then said the sheep were fine," the report said.

The police officers said when the pledges were told to return to their rooms, they were wearing only underpants, had white grease on their hands and had peanut butter and other substances smeared on their bodies.”

Despite incidents like the one mentioned above, many Seattleites and other Washingtonians remain loyal to the Huskies. In fact, as I was writing this post, a fellow Cougar alum called and started complaining about her boyfriend because he is a Cougar who pretends to be a Husky graduate.

“He’s such a fake little Husky. The Cougars know he’s a traitor and the Huskies know he’s an imposter.”

Apparently, the boyfriend in question is a WAZZU alum who self-identifies with UW alums for some strange reason. (I think it’s because he has a strange fascination with the color purple.)  He goes to all of the Husky games as a boisterous season-ticket holder, still cheers for the Huskies whenever they are playing his alma mater WAZZU, and puts down the Cougs and Cougar fans whenever he has the opportunity. He never tells anyone where he went to school, almost as if it’s a dirty, dark secret. He never seems to realize that when he is cheering against the Cougs, he is cheering against himself.

His defense for being a traitor to WAZZU isn’t that strong; he claims that everyone in Seattle is a Husky fan and since he is from Seattle, he has no choice but to cheer for the Huskies. Obviously his logic is a little flawed, as are his facts. Not everyone here is actually a Husky fan.

I’m thinking that this fake Husky doesn’t have a strong sense of loyalty. While his actions might not be on par with a traitor like Benedict Arnold, it’s pretty lame to pretend you graduated from a different school. In some states, this may just be a death penalty offense.

I’m a Cougar and I’m not afraid to admit it; amazingly enough, most of the people I know who graduated from WAZZU work alongside Huskies at places like Microsoft and Amazon. He’s not impressing anyone by pretending to be a Husky, he’s just selling out.

As for the Cougars, they had a great game against Northwestern in the NIT last night. The Huskies may have made it to the NCAA tournament, but they aren’t in it any more.

 Go Cougs!