What I Love about Fremont. Part II

What I Love about Fremont. Part II

The other day I started writing about everything that I loved about Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. There’s too much to say and too much I left out in the list from the other day, so I’m going to continue talking about the great things to experience in the “Center of the Universe”:

The Dumpling Tzar

The Dumpling Tzar is a little hole-in-the-wall place. Literally. The shop’s entrance is in an alleyway between two buildings. The dumpling really does reign supreme in this joint, too, because it’s all they serve. The dinners are a little pricey, but come with some delicious, meat-stuffed dumplings, sour cream and a slice of rye bread. You can top them with a spicy sauce for some extra surprise.

Kaosamai Thai

Kaosamai has a delivery man who rides a little bicycle to your house and gives you delicious Thai food. This is definitely the best Thai in Fremont—the flavors are crisp and the food is always fresh. Their ba mee, a thin noodle dish topped with spinach and cashews, is absolutely delicious. Don’t forget to ask them to bring you some spicy chili sauce or to go eat outside on their wooden porch on nice evenings. If you can leave your apartment, you know.


Dubbed “Your 80's Japanese Pub,” Showa is the kind of place you’d never know you were missing until you went there. Because I didn’t know that this kind of place even existed. Apparently 1980’s Japan was really big on the American pop music scene and played a lot of western pop in pubs where you could drink beer or cocktails and eat noodle bowls. This place fills that niche here in Seattle, serving dressed up ramen, Udon noodles and delicious little pork belly skewers.

Ophelia’s Books

Ophelia’s Books is stuffed to the gills with good stuff. I can barely walk by the shop without looking at the carefully selected titles in the glass of the window. The shop owners at this place aren’t particularly friendly, but they do have a couple of very friendly cats running around to make up for it. Fremont would wither on the vine without its very own used book store, and this is the only one left, so hopefully it will be supported into those cats’ very, very old age.

Portage Bay Goods

I thought that this place went out of business, but it really just moved to a sunnier location on the other side of the street. I buy all of my cards and little gifts at Portage Bay. They have kids clothes, novelty mustache gear, cute little handmade jewelry and cards for every location. They also have an adorable old pug with a breathing problem who slips over the hardwood floor to greet new customers. She’s worth the trip.


The Caribbean restaurant has a line out its door at the strangest times. Like, for example, two in the afternoon on a Tuesday afternoon. But, it’s not too surprising because the food here is delicious and there are only about two tables on the inside of the tiny shop. Everyone in Seattle is obsessed with the Caribbean sandwiches here, but I also love the rice bowls—big bowls of rice topped with chicken that just about falls off the bone.