What I Love about Fremont. Part I

What I Love about Fremont. Part I

I moved to Fremont in July and I’m completely obsessed with it. The neighborhood really feels like that, a neighborhood. Or really, if I were to think about it, it really feels like a small town more than anything else. It has great restaurants and always has something going on, so I really feel like there’s never any reason to leave. Let’s look at some of Fremont’s most amazing offerings and why if you move here, you’ll never live in Capitol Hill again:

Brad’s Swingside Café. I’ve heard that this is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Seattle. Regardless of the truthiness of this statement, a reputation like that usually makes places stuffy and expensive. Not true here. The wait staff is extremely friendly and is happy to tell you what “broccolini” is, if you want to ask. The food is good, pretty cheap for what you’re getting and rotating on a seasonal basis. This place is really hip and up-to-the-minute in food trends, but you can tell that they don’t give a shit about this—it just happened while they were doing what they’d always done.

Troll. Everyone knows the Fremont Troll, but he’s still kind of amazing and frightening to come upon when you’re not thinking about him. Built underneath the Aurora Bridge, the Troll holds a VW bug in his hand. Throughout the months, people “decorate” the troll with chalk (sometimes making him look like he has snot dripping from his nose. Cute.) or clothes.

Hunger. Hunger is one of my favorite places in Seattle. It really feels like a neighborhood restaurant—the bartender and wait staff know almost everyone who enters the place and if they don’t know you, by the end of the night they do. They have a great happy hour from four to six o’clock every day with small versions of their popular foods and drinks for only five bucks. The bartender is great—he can make you anything if you just tell him your favorite drinks or eats. Don’t miss out on the shoestring truffle fries and boar sliders.

Video Isle. I love Video Isle and go there way too often to claim that I have any kind of life. The shop isn’t so big and overwhelming that you can’t find anything. If you go inside without an idea of what to rent, you’re sure to spot something easily. The staff is really friendly and personable—be sure to ask them if you can’t find something because the movies are arranged really oddly with headings like “Mischief & Mayhem” and things like that. It’s great to see one of the last standing non-chain video stores—or non-virtual video stores at all, for that matter.

Uneeda Burger. This place is the best burger in the city or really anywhere I can think of, for that matter. And the number one reason for this is that the burger is eatable. You don’t have to dislocate your jaw to get the bun inside it and it isn’t so big that the grease churning around in your stomach doesn’t make you comatose for the next few days. The restaurant is adorable—it used to be a repair shop and all the nametags of the old workers are hung on the wall. They open up the patio for sunny evenings and also serve strawberry milkshakes. You have no reason not to go there.