Washington State Gubernatorial Debate

Washington State Gubernatorial Debate

McKenna not releasing his taxes

I watched the Washington State gubernatorial debate on Wednesday night on TV. As the press reported, Rob McKenna took quite a few jabs at Jay Inslee and Inslee fought back. McKenna claimed that he wanted to talk about everything that was fiscal, except for his tax returns, which he is still refusing to release. 

Jay Inslee released five years of his tax returns last year, but Rob McKenna refuses to give the voters the same courtesy. 

It’s difficult to trust a candidate who refuses to release his tax returns, especially official tax returns showing what deductions American citizens take. Once the income tax returns are audited or released, it is easy to see what deductions are legitimate, which deductions are not legitimate and which charities the candidate supported. 


What is Rob McKenna trying to hide? Why is he being so secretive about his income tax returns? 


Rob McKenna is “claiming” that his income tax returns are a non-issue and has repeatedly stated that he would like to discuss fiscal issues, including taxes. Am I the only one that is seeing an enormous difference between his actions and his words? If Rob McKenna is so interested in fiscal matters of great importance like taxes, shouldn’t he give the voters the opportunity to see his tax returns? Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Rob McKenna an employee of the state?


Unlike Mitt Romney, who gave his religion as a reason for not releasing his tax returns, Rob McKenna just said that he was exempt from Jay Inslee’s demands. Aside from the issue of fiscal matters, there is also the important issue of transparency in government. Which candidate do you think will provide more transparency to Washingtonians in state government? 


Democrat Jay Inslee who released his tax returns and repaid the government when a minor error was found? Or Republican Rob McKenna who won’t release his tax returns at all? 


The answer is clear: Jay Inslee. 


One answer is not so clear. Why is Rob McKenna refusing to release his taxes to the Washington State public? What is Rob McKenna trying to hide? Does Rob McKenna have an unsavory investment that he doesn’t want the public to know about that may interfere with his ability to govern? Does Rob McKenna make a contribution to a questionable charity? 


Until Rob McKenna is upfront with the voters, we won’t know.