Seattle Music Snobs: KEXP or Nothing

Seattle Music Snobs: KEXP or Nothing

Do you like any "bad" music or are you a Seattle music snob?

Have you ever noticed that whenever a Seattleite hears something on KEXP, it Is THE GREATEST SONG EVER no matter how sucky the song might actually be? The reverse is also true; if someone hears a song from a band that has already made it big, the song must be totally sucky even if it’s a really good song.

I had to actually leave the country to realize how snobby people in Seattle are about their music. I was in a bar in Korea and one of my friends started singing along to a classic rock tune and I was in total and complete shock. She was a cool chick with a cool hairdo and I couldn’t even fathom how she could admit liking a shitty song in public.

It’s embarrassing for me to admit, but this was a small, life-changing event for me. I finally felt free to come out of the closet with my own shitty music choices, which is something that I would have never done in Seattle back in the day.

When I returned to Seattle several years later, I expected people to have a little more maturity and to have the ability to respect others’ music choices.

It wasn’t so.

At least among a small circle of people I was hanging out with at that time. Some songs and musicians were socially acceptable while others were not. I could listen to KEXP without getting mocked, but if I dared to admit that I listened to the Mountain I was made fun of. I would have an easier time understanding the whole phenomenon  if it ended in say, grade school, when this type of judgmental behavior should end, but these were grown adults who were parents themselves.

Don’t get me wrong. I totally appreciate KEXP and have been turned onto a lot of really good music from the station and their DJ’s; I just think that not every song their DJs play is fabulous. And I happen to like hearing songs with a higher production ability, too, which precludes a lot of independent musicians who can’t afford to pay for all that much studio time.

Is that so wrong?

Again, if I lived in a place like Detroit rock city, it wouldn’t matter. But I don’t. I live in Seattle where a person is judged not by their own taste in anything, but by whether they follow the dictates of KEXP.