Seattle Has Its Own First Sperm Bike

Seattle Has Its Own First Sperm Bike

"So how do you think you'd react to such a sight on the road? "

The bike is shaped like a sperm and is 10 feet long. It is specially designed to transport fresh sperm samples from the Seattle Sperm Bank to the fertility and reproductive clinics in the region. As you can imagine, the bike is getting a lot of attention as it goes down the busy bike baths in Seattle. Some are chagrined but most just laugh.


In the head of the sperm is a refrigerated unit lined with liquid nitrogen that keeps the samples cold and prevents them from spoiling. The bike also sports a sleek design build for a speedy delivery (yes, you can smile at that one!).


Not sure how much they pay the guy who rides this bike around town but for me to do it, they'd have to pay me a big wad - no pun intended of course.


Just the sight of this bike makes you laugh but guess what? Seattle wasn't the first city to get a sperm bike! The first one was Copenhagen. The rider says he gets lots of honks.

Because the area is quite hilly, there is a small motor on the bike to help get up those steep hills. However, the bike is designed to be green as was the original one in Copenhagen at the sister company.


So how do you think you'd react to such a sight on the road? It seems the plans are to build more of these and put them in all the major cities. Great advertisement I guess if the local ordinances don't prevent it.