Seattle Comicon: Perspectives from a Comicon Virgin

Seattle Comicon: Perspectives from a Comicon Virgin

A Newbie at Comicon

I was not the first in line on the Friday that Emerald City Comicon hit Seattle with 20 storm troopers and other masked men and women--both villains and heroes; instead, I waited until Sunday to attend my first Emerald City Comicon, which was and wasn’t what I was expecting.


I read somewhere that there weren’t as many costumed attendees as usual at the 2011 Emerald City Comicon; since this was my first Comicon, I can't compare it to previous years. I’d have to say that percentage-wise, the number of people dressed in costume was pretty low—around the same percentage as at an average Seattle sporting event-- but still much higher than you would see at Northgate outside of Christmas-time.


The highlight for me wasn’t the costumed individuals walking around mock-shooting people—although I did take a few shots of costume-wearing attendees—but the artists and writers who I got to meet and see actually sketching. A couple of them were offering quick sketches and caricatures of passer bys for low fees and others looked as if they were in the midst of creating their next big opus.


Since I’m not a huge comic book fan and am a relative newbie to graphic novels, I made a few errors when browsing through the exhibitors in the exhibition hall. At time the time, I considered the errors minor, but have found myself cringing in embarrassment afterwards.


Here are my top 3 heinous errors at the Emerald City Comicon:


Heinous Error #1:  I talked to and was impressed by a new comic book artist—I think his comics were about a Ninja Dinosaur with special powers and laser beam--  instead of the supposedly famous comic book artist seated next to him, which showed my ignorance of comics in general and my unwillingness to bow down to the forces that be in the greater world of comics and comic book artists.


Heinous Error #2:  I picked up a graphic novel and opened it to see what the art looked like. I was alerted to this mistake in two seconds by a comic book publishing representative who looked as if he had just gone through puberty. For the record, my hands were clean and I didn’t harm a single page. I walked away as soon as I could.


Heinous Error #3:  I was not up-to-date with the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine comic books,  which apparently meant that I wasn’t cool enough to see any of the other Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books.