IN-NW 2012 Seattle: Sir Mix-a-Lot on Social Media in Music Panel

IN-NW 2012 Seattle: Sir Mix-a-Lot on Social Media in Music Panel

I didn't get to hear his music:(

I saw Sir Mix-a-Lot speak last week about using social media to promote music at IN-NW 2012 which was put on the Seattle Chamber of Commerce and took place at the Showbox in SoDo. There were quite a few speakers at the social media conference, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t partially choose to attend the conference because of Sir Mix-a-Lot who hasn’t exactly figured largely on my radar screen.

Who wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see him? (I should mention that because the Showbox is more known as a music venue, I was half-expecting Sir Mix-a-Lot to perform.) I might not have been the only one there for Sir Mix-a-Lot. The Rolling Stone blog also covered the event and his appearance in particular.

Sir Mix-a-Lot and the other panel members discussed using social media to promote their music; Sir Mix-a-Lot talked about wanting to Tweet his way to a new self and said that he was using social media to both reach out to his followers and to get away from his break-out song “Baby Got Back,” which of course, has been quite a challenge given the popularity of the original song. His aim to get some of his less heard work out there through social media, maybe by offering brief pieces of the songs. He didn’t specify how exactly he was going to do it, but I’ll definitely be looking out for more Sir Mix-a-Lot tracks.

Some of the ideas discussed by the social media music panelists included using social media to promote their band’s calendar; another idea that seemed a little more creative was using social media as kind of a tour diary. They seemed to have the idea of Tweeting their way to stardom.

Like Ben Huh who spoke earlier at the IN-NW 2012 convention, Sir Mix-a-Lot spoke out about SOPA and PIPA; the musician is not a huge fan of either piece of legislation and thinks that both SOP and PIPA are pretty crappy pieces of legislation--my words, not his.

The moderator called Sir Mix-a-Lot Mix throughout the panel’s talk; I didn’t stay long enough to hear whether or not Mix to decided to bust out with a few lyrics of “Baby Got Back” or not.

Unfortunately, I’m guessing not.