Noc Noc: Seattle After-Hours

Noc Noc: Seattle After-Hours

Noc Noc… no I’m not attempting to start telling a lame joke, I’m talking about a club in Seattle. What makes this club so special? A local would tell you it’s the ultimate after-hours hang out spot on the weekends. I would have to agree.

Last weekend, my date and I decided to crash this venue for some after-hours action. When the bars are closed and you’ve still got that itch to dance to music that’s well produced, this is where you go.

Noc Noc is open until 9am Friday and Saturday and 10am on Sunday. The bar stops serving alcohol at last call, but the party doesn’t stop when the alcohol runs dry. The bar reopens again at 6am. The after-hours crowd and bartenders at Noc Noc are in a word: hardcore.

It takes a certain kind of person to keep the energy up and dance, dance, dance without liquid courage as a motivator. In my case, I had puh-lenty of liquid courage running through my veins, but I wasn’t ready to call it a night.

We arrived at Noc Noc around 4 am, it was still dark outside. Dark enough to not pay attention to the fact that sunrise was imminent. We showed the bouncer our ID’s, he was refreshingly friendly. I know I have said this before, but I repeat, most bouncers and doormen that I have encountered in Seattle are not the friendliest people. This guy had a smile that radiated like the sun. Though I was about to learn that he was a bit of a jokester.

This guy looked at my ID with barely a second glance. He had a big smile on his face. When I handed him bills to pay for the five dollar cover for my date and I, he snatched the twenty I handed him. When I held out my hand for change, he gave me a sly look and said “the rest is for tipping the management.” For a minute I thought he was serious, but then that sly look turned into the biggest belly laugh I have heard in a good long while. He handed me ten bucks change, opened the door and told us to have great time.

We walked in the door and had to pull back these heavy black curtains. As we stepped through the threshold, I knew we were not in Kansas anymore. Noc Noc is dark, that’s their atmosphere. I think they pull it off well. Immediately I was lured to the dance floor where all the other hardcore patrons were hanging out. The DJ was blasting music, but it was good music. The kind of music that makes the ground shake. It’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think—in the best possible way.

As we stepped out onto the dance floor, we encountered an honest-to-god legitimate B Boy breakin’ right there in front of us. Side note: Seattle is home to world famous break-dancers, for a good example of what all the hype is about, watch an example of this amazing dance style here.

We stayed at Noc Noc past sunrise. When we stepped outside, our eyes were bleary, our heads full to the brim of good music. We walked past those curtains, the darkness of the club disappeared and we suddenly found ourselves in the midst of very stark contrast- daylight. This is how you party if you’re hardcore.

Noc Noc is located at 1516 2nd Ave, 98101 in the heart of Seattle, just past the Pioneer Square district.

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