Graphic Design in Seattle

Graphic Design in Seattle

Aspiring artists can find a place to fit in and thrive in the Seattle job market.

The city of Seattle is almost a piece of art work itself. Situated between water and mountains, artists from around the country congregate in the Pug

et Sound area for inspiration. Fortunately the city has capitalized on this zone of talent with a wide range of graphic design companies who are continually searching for the next perfect person for their team.

The most coveted positions are at boutique graphic design firms made up of a small team of like-minded artists. Positions in smaller firms are hard to come by and when the economy gets hit they are much less likely to hire considering some of their clients may consider cutting the work load to save money. However, if you have the skills, networking in Seattle is the best way to get your foot in the door. Consider joining the Seattle Graphic Design Meetup Group to improve your skills and maybe make a new friend in the industry.

Aside from small boutique firms there are also larger companies who still have personality and style but offer a wider range of services including website design, content writing and more. It is also helpful to have a few extra skills to make yourself stand out when interviewing and applying at these companies.

For graphic designers struggling to find a job in the Seattle area consider finding freelance work or part time work in any industry and taking some time to learn a new technology or skill to make yourself more marketable when the economy turns around. The Art institute of Seattle and other education organizations offer a range of classes to help you get a leg up. With so many tech companies and start-ups there will always be a need for creative people who can make websites, print and other media look amazing.