Apple Cup 2011: Go Cougs!

Apple Cup 2011: Go Cougs!

This year's Apple Cup is at Century Link field.


In certain cities, getting good seats at the opera or prime seats at a an off-Broadway show are considered more than a little desirable: in Seattle and the rest of Washington, good seats at the Apple Cup tickets are sought after. 


Unfortunately for me and other Cougars--meaning the term referring to the Washington State Cougars and not the Demi Moore kind of Cougars--the University of Washington Huskies are doing a little bit better than we are this year. They are all bragging about their recent win in the Pac-12 and seem to have quickly forgotten about their loss last week to Stanford. 


The Cougars don’t often get into bowl games. I’ll be completely honest--we don’t even win all that many games to begin with. Which is why Cougar fans in Seattle are eager to take on the Huskies at Century Link Field this year. A win wouldn’t guarantee a bowl game by any means, but would make Thanksgiving all that much easier to take for any Washington State alum with pesky and annoying U-Dub relatives and friends. 

Most Huskies are kind of like Republicans or the French; they are obnoxious when their team wins and pouty when their team is on a losing streak. Last year the Huskies squeaked by into one of the more obscure bowl games--I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear it about, watch it, or regret that I ever saw it for the rest of my life. 


But that didn’t exactly make the Huskies a good football team.


 And I don’t think that they’re all that great of a team this year. Of course, none of my opinions will stop the Husky alums I know from taunting me about the Cougars and their lack of wins over the past few years. (However, because the losses haven’t been as bad as last year, watching a game isn’t as painful as it could be.)


Which leaves the Apple Cup. 


I don’t know if I’m going to the Apple Cup or not. Right now, the tickets are a little pricey, so I’ll have to see if someone takes pity on a poor, not-so-decrepit Cougar and gives me a ticket. 


The best Thanksgiving present for a Washington State Cougar fan this year would be a Cougar victory which would take the Huskies out of the bowl game of their choice.