“City” life vs. “Country” life: Which do you prefer?

I was born in the “country” side, but ever since moving here to the Seattle area when I was a very small girl…I fell in “love” with the “city” life. Why? I do love the country side, but I find the “city” life more suitable for my taste, style, wants, needs, and the city life just seems more positive and fun. Of course, a “con” of living in the city area can cause huge amounts of traffic, stress, over-crowded population of people, and be extremely “busy.” But that is part of what the “city” life has to offer. More so, the “country” life is quieter, reserved, peaceful, but I will give them “kudos” for displaying a magnificent, beautiful view of the whole “country” side part of town for its nature, wild-life, beauty, and “laid-back,” mellow lifestyle.

I prefer living in the “city” life versus the “country” life. The reason why I chose living in the “city” is because there are much more fun, and joyful things to do in the city. For example, you can hit the nearest coffee shops which could be at nearly every street corner, crash at a bar for a drink, stop in for a pastry at a nearby bakery shop, nearby shopping centers, clubs, and so much more! Not only does the “city” life offer more activities and fun things to do…but is also amazing to meet new people. I love meeting new people. It is always nice and great to meet other individuals that are completely different from you. I always enjoy learning about other people and their types of culture, influence, background, and etc. I did read somewhere awhile back in a magazine article about Seattle being the #3 on the “worse traffic” list. Say what?? Even though the “city” life may seem fun and all, we “metropolitan” city-life people do have to deal with one of the worse traffics in the nation. Right? I must admit…traffic in Seattle can get pretty bad.

Living in the “country” side may seem a bit different for some folks. What I love most about the country side is how spacious, beautiful, and peaceful it is. The capital of Washington State is Olympia. I absolutely love Olympia. I remembered when I was in the 4th grade that I took a short field trip to the State Capital of Olympia and took many photographs of the senate seat, entrance, hallways, etc. It was a beautiful view. I loved it. I would absolutely go back again. Not only did I have a very good experience on the other side part of town in Olympia, but my field trip class did explore other parts of beautiful Olympia as well. The population of Olympia is fairly smaller then the high number of people living in the Seattle area. But for some reason, the “country” side just seems more natural, showing parts of the nature, wild-life, beautiful animals such as deer’s, laid-back people, and just seems a lot more mellow, calm, and less stressful.

I am sure many people have their own taste, style, and personal choice in either preferring the “city” life or “country” life. Whatever you may choose, I hope it suits your lifestyle. But I prefer the “city” life over the “country” side because it is my personal choice and decision to live in the “city” because of my taste and style incorporated into my lifestyle. What do you prefer? And why?